My Culinary Journey

I am a foodie. I love food. I love food from all over the world.

When I was younger, I was probably the pickiest eaters ever. I didn't like bread, or vegetables, cheese, to name a few. If I found a piece of onion in my food, there was zero chance that I would eat it. Pizza? Fast food? NO. I ate meat, pb&j (on wonder bread, if you can call it bread), and cream of mushroom soup.

Luckily, my palate has evolved quite a bit since then. I am still a picky eater, but more of the quality of my food, rather than the limited ingredients. I started watching my parents when they were cooking, and my best friend's dad, who is a classic Italian chef. I loved to watch them, and experience all of the amazing smells. During my teen years, I spent time with my grandparents in Sweden. They owned several restaurants and a catering kitchen, where I got to help out. (Mostly doing dishes) But I was around food more and more. My grandfather was from Suriname, so there was a huge influence of Indonesian cuisine, as well as traditional Swedish comfort food. (I still didn't like to see onions in my food... Yuck)

After a few years of trying to find where I fit in, I moved to Sweden to stay with my grandmother. I went to school and in my early 20's started working at a local pub that served lunches. I loved it. My boss was fantastic! (Thank you Rikard Sallesjo for being the best boss and teacher ever!) I discovered so many new dishes and flavors (and how to eat onions... )

Years passed, I became a mother twice over and didn't want to put my little ones in full-time daycare, so I got a job at a gourmet grocery store, in the deli. This was huge for me... Sweden by then had become quite international when it came to food cultures. We had delicacies from all over the world and over 2000 cheeses... I started to like cheese now too.

Skip forward a few years, I evolved...

On a quick trip to Croatia (where my husband is from...) I discovered many new delicacies that we didn't have in Sweden... So I started a Croatian import company. Met with suppliers and manufacturers from all over. Truffles from Istria, prosciutto from Split, award winning cheeses from the island Pag, and olive oils from all over.

Fast forward a few more years, and I am back in the US. I have been doing catering events, owned a deli, paleo meal planning & prep, held cooking workshops and classes and been a private chef.

So thanks to Covid, I have been on hold a while staying at home with my son and helping him with distance learning. Now that things are slowly returning to normal (or new normal) I am eager to get back into menu & meal planning, prepping and get cooking again.