Jema's Kitchen
Weekly Meals


How it works

Every week I create a new healthy menu for you to choose from. You can order as few or as many meals as you like. I need your order by Wednesday for delivery or pick-up Sunday evening or any time Monday.
Meals start at $12 for single portions and $30 for family meals (2 adults & 2 children)
I can customize your meals to meet your nutritional and dietary needs. Meals are paleo based, meaning NO additives or preservatives and nothing processed. However for most meals I offer options for different types of carbs.

Preparing Food
Quinoa Salad

Menu for March 6

1. Turkey patties
With potatoes & carrots
2. BBQ porkloin
With brown rice & garlic roasted Brussel sprouts
3. Beef Stroganoff 
Pasta or zoodles
4. Chicken, broccoli & cheddar quiche
With a side salad
5. Chicken protein bowl
With quinoa and crunchy veggies

Breakfast Options

Every week you can order the following breakfasts

1. Scrambled eggs & bacon or sausage

2. Mushroom & cheese omelet

3. Swedish pancakes & fresh berries

4. Steal cut oats with almonds & berries