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Hi all, so as I mentioned earlier, I will be starting a new project. If you take a look what I have been doing for the past 35 years, it has mostly been connected to cooking, gourmet & food. I am changing up my business a little. I will still provide catering services and meal prep, but I will be adding a new dimension to my website. There will be daily blogs, about different products, foods, recipes, ingredients and so much more, I would bore you with all the details. I will be doing product testing on pretty much anything you can find in the kitchen (not major appliances, those are hard to store...) including smaller appliances, like coffee makers, hand mixers, emersion blenders, regular blenders, food processors, toaster ovens, fryers, instant pots, crock pots and more.

I am a hopeless kitchen utensil/gadget nerd. I love going to stores (online for now anyways) and looking at all their beautiful items. I always need a new spatula or peeler of some kind. And personally, I do not think anyone can ever have enough Tupperware.

For some reason I am extremely interested in the different models of measuring spoons and cups. I know that might be weird for some, but I have different needs for different measurements. And containers, jars and bottles? I could go on for days. (Sometimes I think I could blog about that alone.) I am running out of space in my kitchen already, and I have barely gotten started.

There are so many kitchen related products, it is hard for me to choose just one that I want to talk about.

Being a chef, cook, foodie, I will be adding weekly recipes of my favorite foods, meals, menus as well as Paleo, Keto & LCHF recipes for those who love to cook healthy amazingly yummy meals.

There will be links to all the products that are tested. To start, I will be purchasing all the test items myself, but in the future, I am hoping to be an ambassador for the products I recommend and use in my private kitchen.

Next up, there will be daily posts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest with photos, updates, and embarrassing videos, as I am not fond of having an audience (and hearing my own voice is not fun either). So please subscribe, follow, and share anything that you like.

Hopefully in the coming months (sooner than later) I will be able to launch another project that has to do with subscriptions... I will tell you all more about that later.

I am super excited to start on my new adventure and have you all join in with me.

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